20170911 + Small Big Shoulders

20170911 + Up in the an and in to work. Got a bunch done in the front office this morning. Headed out on time to get to G's baseball game. Got home and L was working in the yard, D was at DGF7's, J was doing homework and G showed up on his bike at 5:20 yelling 'I HAVE A GAME NOW!' 😲 G rushed to get change and make it back to his game. L&I headed back to the game and sat with the McClains. The game was absolutely miserable and G was melting down. Very upsetting to him, he has never played on a team that is so horrible and he can't hold his emotions back as he is trying to carry a team of kids mostly older and bigger than him. They lost horribly and we walked home, got something to eat and slowed down for the night. I got Doc and we headed to a short Bible Bangers meeting. Home and renamed pics and videos.