20170906 - Rough

20170906 - UP in the am and in to work. At the desk all day.  D had a baseball meeting as school today. I Headed home, Jack had CC practice after school.  L picked up J from practice, fed him fast, took him to Soccer practice and on to D's game. D did good. L said one of the umps was off duty and was there just to watch. He was talking about the players and talked highest of D, saying he's a really good player, can hit, knows how to the play the field and is a good catcher, the only problem with him is his mouth :-o So we had a little talk o D about that (again). I got home, got Doc and went back to G's game. G was pitching when we walked up and was doing ok. He went 1 for 3 at bat, the giddy-up in his swing is killing him. His team lost 21-7 but it is good to see all our friends back at those fields. G&I headed home and L&J were there when we arrived. I had to call and remind D of the ACT studying he should be doing to get him home. D home and we ran to Home Depot to get a new toilet seat then on to get gas. I took him along so he could call the coach I had set up for him. D called, left a message and the coach called him back shortly after. D spoke with him for a bit and secured himself a spot for the Summer 2018 season on the 18U Ohio Elite team. Home, toilet seat replaced, J&G to bed, L&I trying to drill the importance of studying for the ACT into D's head after discovering over the last 11 weeks he's only done 4 weeks of the prep testing we've been paying for. Guess we won't have to pay for college... Up very late working.