20170910 - Cardboard Cars

20170910 - Up in the am and L&G to G's double headers this morning. D&I to his game in the am and J still at his buddy's. L&I kept tabs on the game through texts. D had a good game but they lost, G had ok games but lost both, Gma&paW came to his games. After D's game I ran some donations to Goodwill and J and Conor were home when I got there making cardboard cars to fit over their bike: their ultimate goal is to go through the Wendy's drive through with them :-)

D went running around with DGF7, L&G came home and we got some things done around the house and chilled out a bit until the next round of activity. I woke G up from his nap on the back porch and headed to his baseball practice, D went along to help. L ran J to his soccer game and Gma&paW & I headed there shortly after. J had a good game, played almost the entire game, but they lost 2-1. After the game J went with Gma&paW to Dick's to get new shoes. Somehow DG&DGF7 met them there... I called D back to the house to get some ebay things shipped he had not shipped yet. Had a call with J's CC coach about him being a captain and what was expected. Gma&paW back with J&G and Panda Express for a dinner on the patio. G to a spill on the back steps, but other than that it was s nice dinner. Everyone headed home and we finished off the weekend.