20170918 - Triple Bday

20170918 - Up in the am and  in to work, definitely a Monday. Ran to Scout store at lunch to get awards. Back and finished off the day with many calls and shipping stuff and an escalation to top off the day. Home, ran back to see a bit of G's baseball game, he was doin great and the team looked pretty good. Back to the house, no J, was supposed to run him to Scouts so I left and headed to the Athletic Boosters meeting at the HS. L called later, she had found J, delivered him to Scouts and reported that G's team WON! After boosters I ran to Scouts to deliver the awards I got earlier in the day. Headed home as D was there and would bring J home. Talked to G a bit before grabbing Doc and heading to Bible Bangers. It was only 3 of us tonight so we ate, caught up a bit and headed home not too late. Home and L told me about her day and the triplets in her class that had a bday party today.