20170912 - BLASTED

20170912 - Up in the am and into work. Going after actions hard today, was alone on the call. Finished up the day and headed to J's CC meet and met L&G there. I chatted with Coach Brain for a bit about J and his shenanigans. We watched the start of J's race and cheered him on. G,Conor and I waited on the other side of the course where there were no spectators and the boys had to run between some trees and the parked cars, one of them mine, with about 3 feet between them. As J came running through Conor gave the sign, I BLASTED the horn and G jumped out from behind the car and we screamed 'GO JACK!'  It scared the bejesus out of him! hahahahah  J finished with a great time of 12:44. G&I on to D's baseball game, with a stop at Cane's and waited forever to get our food. We got to D's game and it started pouring and we walked up just as the game was called. Back to the house, DGF7 joined us for dinner and then we split off, J&G got haircuts and I headed out to a quick Scout Board of review.