20170922 - Lion Again

20170922 - Up in the am and in tto work. I had my head down working on an application for planning all day. Got it done and the customer loves it. Headed out to meet L at G's game in Lewis Center. D went to a HS football game with his friends and is spending the night with one of them. J was with the CC team running 7 miles tonight. I got to G's game and everyone told me what I missed: 2 doubles and a steal at home. This is G's first game as a Gahanna Lion for the 2018 season. G's team won and L arranged for us to go to the McClain's for pizza. Home and consolidated into one car and headed over with a stop at the gas station to fill up and get marshmallows. To the McClain's, Tom there too, and we ate and hung out.  Home and J&G off to bed, I was up late cleaning out OneNote and watching Supernatural on Netflix.