20170917 + Repairs, Game & Match

20170917 + Up late, G going to a Reds game with his buddies today. D reluctantly repaired the mower and mowed the backyard before heading out with DGF7. L doing things around the house until J got done mowing the front and then took him and Conor to the Westerville skate park for a bit. I got $ put in the computer, things lined up for next week and parts ordered for the mower. L&J home for a quick change and the 3 of us headed to Powell for J's soccer game. J played almost the whole game and did really good on the ball a lot today. They lost 3-2 and we headed home. I dropped L&J off and headed to the McClains to help Bill mmae a couple of trips getting stuff out of the old house and returning the van. I swung through Arby's on the way home to get dinner for L&I that J helped eat. I ran up and saw G for a couple of minute and he told me all about his day. We ate and got the big boys to bed.