20170903 - More Fixin

20170903 - Up in the am with no real plan. I locked in to the desk to get some things done. D&G built a scoreboard for the diamond in the backyard and J took a scooter ride with some buddies. Out of the office and in house work mode, DJ&I ran to pick my car up from getting an oil change. D ran to get some gas and then home to mow. J&I continued on to Home Depot to get some supplies and a the video store to pick up a movie for later tonight. Home and D was done mowing and went to DGF7's. JG&I then got out the painting supplies and painted the soffit on the back porch. We then cleaned up a little bit and headed to a new place for the boys, Tee Jaye's Country Place. G got a steak and J&I got open face roast beef sandwiches. We were the only people in the place and the boys thought it was great. Home and we had more to do: J climbed into the attic to check the vent fan, replace his flourescent lights and then into the crawl space to install a new inline fan to boost the AC going into his room. In the meantime G took down the ceiling fan in his room and installed another one. We got our tools and supplies cleaned up and then headed down, J to the garage to work on his scooter and G to the basement to rip apart the fan he just took down. J joined us and we watched 'Going in Style'.