20170916 - Artful Bfast & Flight Home

20170916 - Up and D&I got ready and packed and headed out. We walked for about a mile past some interesting places and art to get to the Butcher Block Cafe for a HUGE bfast topped off with butter covered cinnamon rolls. We walked up over a rail yard to get to the train that took us to the airport. We got through security and whittled around for our flight. In the air and home by 7pm. We got unpacked a bit, DGF7 showed up, we told all about the trip while we watched the rest of the Buckeye game and then everyone headed to see the McClain's new house. I got the tour while L helped unpack some more; LJ&G have been helping them move Fri and all day Sat. We headed home, boys cleaned up and we watched college football until late.