20170902 - Lean 2

20170902 - Up in the am, D home from his buddy's. D&G dismantled the raised bed behind the shed while J&I ran to Lowe's to meet Tom and get our supplies. We hit McDonald's on the way home and then got home and gave Doc one even though he opted out of helping with our construction project. J&G working out back while D&I took his car to get an oil change. Then home and to the back yard, in the rain we got busy. G&I assembled the lean to roof framing while D&J finalized preparations behind the shed. We all then carried the roof to the back and got busy setting pole, leveling things up and finally getting the metal sheeting installed. PRESTO! Lean to DONE!

We all got cleaned up  DGF7 came and picked D up, he still ran and traded out the cars for me. J&G rode their scooter and bike to pick up some dinner for us. We retreated to the basement and watched King Arthur.