20170909 - BIG WIN!

20170909 - Up in the am and L was giving Lilly a hair cut, D was in Pickerington taking the ACT. J&I headed out to his soccer practice.  Home and I got G out in the backyard working on his swing. Back out to get J from practice and we picked up some lunch. D home from his test with DGF7 and we all headed back to G's game. Somehow they kept up with the other team today and then G went in to pitch, he shut them down. G's team got the lead and the coach was going to pull G from pitching. I suggested he ask his coach if he could finish the game off as pitcher, he did, she looked at me and said, leave him in ad get the W. G did an awesome job pitching and the WON their first game! I went to the dugout and told the boys to go to Dairy Queen, I'm buying. We headed to DQ and had a nice treat. Home for just a minute before we all headed over to the McClain's to watch a miserable showing of the OSU Buckeyes. Home defeated and to bed.