20170915 - D Meets the Rockies

20170915 - Up at 4 with 3 hrs sleep in me. Got D up and we headed to the airport. We got to the gate easy and on the plane. After being seated for a while we were asked to get off the plane until they brought a life jacket for the cockpit, its FAA required, even if you're not flying over water... Finally on the plane and in the air. I slept most of the trip. We got off the plane about 8am and headed to the terminal where we met up with Eric. We got some bagels and headed out. Eric took us through Boulder and up Flagstaff Mountain. We climbed some things and looked down on the flat East half of Colorado and over the mountainous West. D climbed way out on some rocks for an awesome view.

Down the mountain and we swung by Eric's house to meet his dogs and then headed into Denver. Eric took us to get our tickets for the stadium tour, then to our Airbnb place to drop off outlets bags and back to the stadium for the tour. The tour was awesome, we got to go down on the field (where I got a handful of dirt for D), the press boxes some other cool places. After the tour we walked to Union Station and checked out the terminal. A short bus ride to downtown to eat at the 5280 Burger Bar for a good Linner. We then walked to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Co. to load up on sweets.

Back on the bus and to the stadium. We went to the team store and D got a hat and shirt to wear to the game. We got in early and D tried to catch some of the balls from batting practice but it was too crowded. We got to our seats and watched the opening ceremonies where they introduced the 2007 Rockies that went to the World Series. The game started and it was awesome. 

In the 3rd inning the ushers came down and sang 'Happy Bday' to D. We headed up above the purple seats to watch a bit of the game from a mile up. We got some hot dogs on the way back to our seats and hung out there for the rest of the game. It was a great game and the Rockies won. We walked the 1.8 miles to our Airbnb, got cleaned up and crashed. What an awesome day with my man D!