20170914 + He's Only 10?

20170914 + Up and in to work, getting the weekly reporting done. Headed home a bit early to pick up G and head to Big League Baseball in Worthington for an evaluation. He did good, guy had couple tips for him on things, other coaches stopped to watch the liked it asked the guy evaling him how old he was they thought 12: about crapped their pants when he told them he was 10. Eval done, headed home, stopped for gas. Home and realized we were supposed to go to G's practice in Westerville after the eval so back in the car and to practice. L headed out to a college financial planning session at the high school, D with DGF7, J with the Xbox. All home and G had a couple bowls of potato soup before getting cleaned up and joining the fam to watch the Cleveland Indians win their 22nd game in a row. All to bed. Up late responding to work emails.