20170711 - J The Magician?

20170711 - Up in the am late from no sleep. Ran to the hotel to pick up Devonn and carry her to work. I had another surprise this morning at work; Shalynn started working here today! :-) Worked at the desk most of the day with a stint on the shop floor picking and shipping cables. Home and L had made a nice dinner for the fam and DGF7. After dinner DJ&I headed to a Scout board of review: D got 2 of the last 3 signatures he needs to get his Eagle and J got his Rank advancement done. Home and we all hung out on the back porch watching the All-Star game. All boys to bed and I stayed up way to late looking through 11U baseball teams. At one point this evening I went inside and saw Jack sitting with his legs under the ottoman, it looks like an optical illusion that his legs couldn't possibly be that long... thought he was practicing a new magic trick. NOPE those are his long legs poking out :-)