20170702 + Lunch & Dinner Fun

20170702 + Up and D to softball games with DGF7. J stayed home and went all over town. LG&I to G's baseball game and met Gma&paW there. G didn't have a great game, hit every time he was up but couldn't get it out of the infield so got out each time. He did get 1 RBI, but he was also the last out of the game and ended our run in the tournament, pretty hard on him. After the game we had some friends from the team over. I headed to Kroger to get food with Kurt and Dan and cooked up a huge lunch. Gma&paW stayed for lunch and the McClains and Tom and all their kids joined us. It was a great afternoon! Some folks let and some stayed. We hung out on back porch until late. I stayed up and finished season 4 of 'The 100'.