20170712 + Big League Field

20170712 + Up late in the am and headed to the Scout store on the way into work to get all the awards for the kids before summer camp. In to work and dug right in. Showed Shalynn around a bit this morning. J had CC practice today. G had his buddy Owen over for the whole day, they went to the pool and had a blast. In the afternoon LG&DGF7 came to my office and after work I walked out and we headed to Chillicothe to watch D's team play in the VA minor league stadium. D didn't ply most of the game but got in on defense for the last 2 innings. The boys won and we got a good team picture of them. We headed home, dropping D&DGF7 off in Grove City to get his car and then to Obetz so L could get her car. G&I finished the trip home together and we talked about tryouts for next year. Home and saw J for a little bit, he was all over town on his scooter this evening.