20170704 - Happy 4th of July!

20170704 - Up in the am and all to parade down Granville St. We met up with McClains and others we know and watched a good parade with a lot of folks from around town that we know. Home and D had picked up DGF7 and we all headed to Delaware for a family picnic at the State park. We stopped at KFC to pick up some food and a bait shop to get some worms. On to the picnic where we got to catch up with everyone, the boys fished and we tried to fly some kites. It was great to see everyone and get caught up.

Home and rested for only about an hour and then headed downtown to watch the fireworks. D went early to wander around with some of his friends and LG&I walked all over and chatted with folks we knew. D&DGF7 ended up there too. LG&I ended up on top of the apartments in Creekside with some friends to watch the fireworks and G got to swim a bit. They were some pretty impressive fireworks for our little town. LG&I walked home and L worried about J, that didn't show up at home until after 11. All safe and home, all boys to bed.