20170720 - See-ya Bob

20170720 - Up in the am and in to work. Today is my best bud DaveL's bday which is shared by & Justin from work and G's friend Brady too. Received some very sad news today that Brady's grandpa, Bob Druckenmiller, our friends Bill and Tiff's dad has passed away. Bob was on a golfing trip in MI and had a massive heart attack. Very upsetting as he was a great guy that was a joy to be around :-(  In the evening I took G to another tryout, where there was only 1 other kid his age.  If you look close at the picture you can see G out there with about 4 other big kids that came out and tried to shew him off short to to the outfield to shag balls. I saw him shake his no to them and stand his ground at short ;-)  G did great and got another off from TNT baseball.  Home and we received a POL (Proof of Life) picture from one of the Scout Leaders that D&J are doing just fine (not J's moccasins he made for himself).