20170721 - 207 Holes!

20170721 - Up in the am and got a couple of things done. G and I headed out for our Dad & Me day with not as much planning as in years past. I asked if there was something else he would prefer to do and he declined Our first stop was the 36 holes at the Westerville putt-putt. G and I have been doing this course first for any years and I have many pick of us in this same spot.

G didn't want to do the batting cages to make sure we had time time to get our goal of 200 holes this year. The next stop was the 36 holes in Olentangy. It is a new brand new last year with no landscaping. This year it was complete and we enjoyed the course and the tricky holes, our favorites. After that we had to run an errand for our friend's the McClains dog from the vet.  We then swung by their house and picked up a cage and took it all back to our house.  We introduced Lilly and got the pup settled and then headed out for lunch at Waffle House where G a huge lunch and he ate almost everything.  

We love going to Waffle House.  We then made a quick stop at an auction house to pick up some goodies before heading to Magic Mountain on Brice Rd for 36 holes.  On to Grove City, getting blazing hot now, for another 18 hole at the course where you spin the wheel and have to do what it says.  It was a blast.  we then headed up around 270 to Galaxy Golf where we played the first 9 on the big animal course and then checked out the mountain course to see if it was too wet; NOT FOR US! So we played another 18 holes there.  On around the loop to Avery Rd putt-putt for 18 holes on their colorful course.  The sun was heading down and we made it to the top of 270 for 36 hole at Magic Mountain Polaris.  it was the hardest of the day but maybe because of the shadows and darkness.  We finished in time to get to the Marcus Theater to see Valerian on its opening day in reclining seats with a beer and pizza.  It was a good move and we headed home after, arriving at 1:30 AM.

We played 207 holes today breaking our several year goal of doing 200 holes in 1 day.  It was exhausting and fun at the same time.  We did and talked about many things throughout the day and it was fun listening to all the things this little guy has to say, and he has a lot to say.  He is a fine young boy and I am very lucky to get to do things like this with him.  I hope he always remembers them.  I will, especially this year because I got 4 hole in ones and G only got 1  :-)

What a great day with my littlest man!