20170722 + Boys are Back

20170722 + Up way too early and drove at high speed to pick boys up at camp.  I was unsure of the time and was afraid I was going to get there late.  I got there in plenty of time and met up with them as they walked up from their campsite in the rain. I got the boys in the car and dried up a bit and we headed to the Dutch kitchen.  The boys talked and talked about all the stuff that happened.  D told of a great speech he gave that made everyone cry.  They had a lot of fun and did a bunch of goofy stuff and were boys for a week without their phones and electronics they are a joy.  I love my boys!  We stopped for lunch with the Pack and then they got their phones for the drive to the Farm.  We stopped for a quick visit and then headed home.  We got home and the boys got cleaned up and contacted their friends.  I took a couple hour nap and woke to L making dinner.  D had DGF7 over and the boys told L all about their week.  G&I got the Kong movie and we watched it to finish off the day.