20170718 + High Pressure

20170718 + Up in the am and in to work for a fast start. At the desk all day. Minimal escalations let me get caught up on email a bit. After work I met L&G in Hilliard at the Bo Jackson Dome where G had a tryout. There were not as many kids there as I expected, too expensive I think. G did great and he told L he was pretty nervous, so mission accomplished: feel the pressure, do your best. After the tryout we headed to a local place where we got dinner. G rode home with me and I took a call for work while driving and ended up missing 2 exits; perfect example of how talking while driving can distract you. G&I stopped for gas and then made it home. he set up a pitching dummy he got at the $5 store today and pitched a bit while L&I hung out on the backporch a bit. All in and to bed in good time.