20170708 - Sunny Days Ahead

20170708 - Up early and LDJ&I drove to the service for Aunt Martha. They had a very nice display of all of the things she loved with pictures and her things everywhere. The rest of the aunts and uncles were there and many cousins. A lot of tears. The service was very nice. 3 of Martha's dear friends got up and spoke of her, aunt Jeanie read a letter Roger wrote, and John C read a letter Mary wrote. There was some very nice music and L&I couldn't sing a note :-( As we headed to the lunch after the service there was a very sad emotional moment with Roger. Jim was strong but in shock from the horrible event and Ann was ready to have her baby any second. We sat with a couple of the Kohler girls fro lunch and after we ate headed home. VERY SAD. Martha will be missed so much.

home and L&I dropped D&J leaving them at home alone for the first time ever :-o L&I headed to Mason OH to meet up with G who was swimming when we found him. He had 2 games today and they lost both miserably: glad we missed it. L&I hung out with the adults outside the pool. Randy & I ran to get beer and food and I stayed out front of the hotel with the guys till late.