20170709 + 5 Games

20170709 + Up way to early for a Sunday and to the ball field in South Lebanon through really weird fog. The boys played 2 AWESOME games this morning and fought back from the last seed they earned yesterday to make it to the Championship game. G had some really nice hits, all caught, and struck out 2x for the day. The boys ended up losing the championship game but put up a good fight and played great baseball today. We stuck around for a parent meeting as it was the last game of our season.

LG&I jumped in the car and headed across the state to get to Ashville to see some of D's second game of their double header. D played in game 2, left field and got walked twice. he had an AMAZING slide in to second that went around the tag. D's team lost both games today. Home, boys cleaned up, J home from pool and running all over town, G working on his hitting until dark. In and G&I looked at other teams he is going to tryout with as there is no guarantee he will get to stay on this team, everyone has to tryout every year... What an incredibly emotional weekend.