20170701 - 5 Games

20170701 - UP in the am and L&G gone to his games for the day. DJ&I woke up late and had to rush out to meet the coach to drive to Beverly OH for D's double header. We met up with the coach and D drove us there while I got some things done int he car. We dropped D off at the field and J&I took a trip all around the little town to see what was there. We got Subway sandwiches, J made up his own that confused the poor girl. Back to the field and we ate and watched the games. We sat out under the scoreboard for the second game. D didn't play at all the first game and played catcher for the second. He didn't have a great day, up to bat only a couple of times, had a single, a walk and a couple errors. One of his buddies who doesn't get up to bat much, hit a nice home run. But his team lost both games. We packed up after the games and headed home, I drove this time. Home and J&I headed to Academy park to watch G's old team play. He had fun with them and had won one and lost one of his own games toady. After the game we had some friends over and hung out on the back porch. We wrapped it up early as all the boys had baseball tomorrow.