20170715 - Hard Right Path

20170715 - All up and to LDG, Brady & I to D's game in Utica.  J stayed behind and rode all over town for the day.  We got to the game early and G & Brady played with the big boys and shared the bat boy duties throughout the game.  D didn't see one second of action on the field a HUGE and frustrating disappointment to him as both sets of grandparents ans all of the Coles came to see him play.  i was so frustrated at one point I walked down the road to get peaches from a local fruit stand just to have something to do and was reminded that sometimes the path is hard, but it is still the right path...  After the game we all went to Velvet Ice Cream plant in Utica and got some ice cream.  Home and relaxed for a couple of minutes before heading to the McClain's for dinner and to hang out, chat and have some relaxing fun.