20170703 - Aunt Martha Eubanks 19520904-20170703

20170703 - Up in the am and in to work.  It was a FAST day with a new program starting up and I spent a lot of time on the floor helping get orders out.  I got a text from GmaW about noon letting me know that my Aunt Martha has passed away.

With all that happened today I wanted to get out of the office so headed out a bit early to headed to Canal Winchester to watch D play baseball.  L&DGF7 met me there.  We chatted and watched the game.  D played the last 3 innings at 2nd and only had 1 at bat where he drove a ball down the 1st base line.  After the game I headed back to work to get the paper work from the orders we processed today.  L headed home to get J&G and then we all met back up at the McClain's for dinner and bday party for Bill and some fireworks.  It was a nice party, but I wasn't in a party mood with the days events so just hung low.  We headed out not too late, got home and everyone to bed.

Aunt Martha,
Throughout my life I have had an extraordinary support system made up of a wonderful and sometime crazy family.  My Aunt Martha was a key ingredient to that support and helped make me who I am today.  Of my Aunts and Uncles she lived in West Virginia so I didn't get to see her as often as others, but when the family got together she was always there.  She was always very kind and supportive, not only to me, but my wife and children as they became part of our family.  Martha always had some craft planned for the ladies of the family that would give them something to do as they sat and chatted.  She loved my boys and they loved her.  The shock of hearing she had cancer and shortly after a major surgery and only days later she was gone from us is unreal.  As I went to bed tonight I made the rounds to say goodnight to my boys and when I walked into Grant's room it was obvious he was praying.  When he looked up I asked him what he was doing, he said 'I was praying for Aunt Martha'.  We all are praying for her and we will miss her kind and generous presence whenever we gather.  What a horrible loss for this world.