091127 - Stickys, Shopping, Bday

091127 - Everyone up ate and down to the barn swinging on the rope, checking on Dusty, Nibbles, cats etc. L&I were about to head out to brave the Black Friday crowd when we saw Lilly running up to the house, DIRTY! I went down to spray her off; it wouldn't come off. It was burs, those nasty little round velcro things impacted in her coat. L tried to comb them out but ended up giving Lil a really bad hair cut...

We did finally head out towards Ashland and stopped at a furniture place, lunch, jewelery store, video game store and finally met up with Gma&paW & the boys at a hunting store. We split off again and headed to the some more furniture stores, Target, Toys R Us and a hobby shop before getting dinner from Mr. Hero.

Back to the Farm to eat and have a bday party for GmaW and open her presents. The boys got to bed and were asleep before the light went out.