091126 - A Hunting We Will Go

091126 - Everyone up and D&J wanted to go down to the barn and play war. It took quite a bit of convincing that they really wanted go hunting... So DJ&I met at the farm house and went a hunting with Roger, Johnny, John III & John Christian. We headed out through all kinds of brambles.

We saw a bunch of pheasants and Jack & I found one in a bush that they kicked up and shot.

There was lots of shooting (the accuracy isn't what it use to be...) and the men got five birds! Dylan and Jack both had birds in their game bags right off the start. Towards the end of our tour of duty Roger shoot a bird we couldn't find, but Jack's keen eyes found it, right where Roger & I had already looked. Then there was a brief excuse session before Roger the boys and I headed back to clean the pheasants.

At the spring house Roger gave the boys a lesson on field dressing a bird.

The boys favorite part... the heads!