091128 - Corn Bed

091128 - Up and everyone had bfast. Uncle Dave came over and helped M&A get GGmaH's bedroom set loaded up in GpaW's truck. Good to see Dave and the boys enjoy playing with him. Everyone at the barn swinging and having a good time. Then Jack lost his boots in the 'mud'. I found him whimpering in the barn in his stocking feet soaking wet, L got him up to the house and cleaned up. We had everything loaded up and said goodbye to GmaW and headed home.

LG&Lil headed out first in the big white car. DJ&I took the truck. Going down the road I noticed lots of dust and missing corn in the fields along the road; they were harvesting. I pulled off the road and took the boys out into the field where we met a semi driver that was stuck in the mud and watched the huge combine garble up the corn and the tractor pull up along side so the combine could offload the corn in a golden fluid. They though that was pretty cool.

We had lunch on the road and a lot of good conversation. L&G had the car unloaded when we got home and Joe the neighbor spotted us and came over to help me unload the furniture. We got the stuff unloaded and the truck parked behind Doc's in nothing flat.

In to the house to settle in and DJG&I played on the Wii until G had to go take a nap. D&J kept playing while I updated the blog and published our wishlist. L called us up to get ready for the parade tonight.  Lori has the details here - Santa Claus is coming to town