091116 + Shots & Meatballs

091116 + Up and off to an early start. Full fast day, cut a bit short by the requested assistance of L to with her to COSI to help get H1N1 shots for the 3 boys. We got there in good time and close to the front...

L said we were #411 in line. We waited about 30 minutes before we started moving. Oddly enough when we left the holding room they were on #4:41 in line, or 4:41pm. ;-). D went first, followed by a squirming J, then a screaming G!

But they all made it and D was pleased to remind J&G that because he I'd 10, he doesn't have to come back for the follow up shot. We had to hang out at COSI for a bit to make sure no one had a reatcion to the shot, them out and under the tracks to the Spaghetti Warehouse for a really good dinner.
Grant talked the entire way he. Evidently when he has to poop, it inspires his to talk nonstop loudly unitl he reaches a bathroom...

091115 - Up and L off to church alone this morning. I got coffee and read the paper while the 3 nutters ran wild. L home and we got organized. I got film on all the windows except Grant's, as I need to install and test out his fire ladder before we winterize his window. L raked leaves and DJ&G helped here and there between GI Joe, Playmobil & LEGO distractions. D got his hobbyshop purchase, little army guys all glued into position and started painting them.

Jack helped me take the glass out of the doors I salvaged for L a week or so ago. D got in on it to. G got up from his nap and I convinced her to off load the herd so we could have a quiet meal. We dropped the boys off at Nicole's and headed out for dinner.
Picked the fellas up, home for bath and stories and bed. L&I watched some TV and updated our blogs