091114 - Search, Work & Football

091114 - Up & out just me and boys. Bunch of stops; Home depot, hobby store, geocaching
Kroger, Blockbuster, Wendy's ( where rhey screwed me in the drive thru). Home for lunch then out for some yard work: J cleaned out the culvert under the drive them DJ&G helped me trim the pear and apple trees

D helped me trim the grape vines, where I took a nice slice off the tip of a finger. OUCH!!!
we had some friend over to watch the OSU game, good game! The 6 boys kept themselves occupied.
We watched 'UP' after the company left. Then all boys to bed, except D, he got to stay up a bit longer and J screamed himself to sleep because it was so unfair... D&I enjoyed football and talking.
He is a nice boy when the compotitiom is asleep.