091122 - Farm Follies

091122 - Up and EVERYONE to church for Sunday school. L had J&G in her class, D went to his class and I found Dan Shupe and went with him to his adult Sunday school class. The first 40 minutes were spent with everyone 'discussing' the service time changes. Then a bit of time for them to realize they didn't know how to use the VCR, then thy tried to rush through a lesson... Pretty much affirming why I don't want to take part in a church...
Home, changed and then headed to the Farm. The boys watched 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and ate on the way.
Once we got there Dusty escaped and gave us all a bit of exercise...

Here GpaW tries to sneak up on him... After Dustys capture I did some concrete work on the tank at the spring house, while D&J (best of friends today???) explored and played. G learned how to swing on the rope by himself. When G came to
See how I was doing he got to put his hand print in the wet cement (if you look at the photo below real close you can see it in the bottom right corner).

Back up to the house and found D&J barricaded by toys in front

Of the TV. All together and going out to eat for pizza with Aunt Weezer & Paulette.
Drove home and finished watching the pirate movie with the boys.