091102 + Leaves

091102 - Up working. Took a break on this beautiful cold day to watch J&G play in the leaves. Was checking my account an found a fradulent charg on a car for $50 from Sparechange.com, so watch out for those gius in your facebook accounts!e Spent too much time changing passwords to prevent further losses... Finished up, went out and had a fast dinner and then for the first time in a long time took D&J, kicking and screaming, to karate, where they can do all the kicking and screaming they want! The of course did great, got to spar and had a good time. Stopped by the 'Container Store' on the way home. Home, snacks and all boys to bed. Jeff stopped over and we cut our his daughters pinewood derby car. Doc came over and the 3 of us headed out to Bible Bangers night. On the way home from the meeting we made a trash stop and salvaged some old glass windows for L to do God knows what with... Changed some more passwords and then downstairs to the basement for my final night of LEGO sorting. To bed LATE.
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