091104 - Meeting & Quest

091104 - Up and in to work for an all day meeting: it was quite good. After the meeting Cindy, Josh, Lee and I headed out on a quest to drop off my "Geo-coin" at a nearby geocache. Well it was dark and the first stop had us climbing all over a creek bank with plenty of people stopping to ask if we lost something (other than our minds!). We could not find it so we rushed to another one and ended up walking around in a dark scary wood in a park... still no luck. We then headed to dinner with Tom and had a good meal. After dinner I noticed it said there was a geocache in the parking lot. Could that be possible? With a bit of luck Josh found it in a light post(Josh & I holding the find in the dark)! We all signed it and they were hooked! We went out and tromped around another wood and found another one! Success! Back to the hotel and a quick conference in the lounge and off to sleep.