091124 - Guns and Noses

091124 - Up and at the desk.  Got some work done and caught up on calendars and tasks.  Then DJ&I hit the road.  We went to Blockbuster to get some games and movies for the long weekend, gas in the car and then headed up to Powell to one of the renters to drop off a 3 day notice, Happy Thanksgiving!  The whole way Jack was doing his new nose sniffling thing... Home and G had helped L fix dinner so we ate quick and then down to try out the games we got.  D&J took over the Wii and G&I had to play some ping pong.  L left to get a sweater and we broke out the 1st person shooter game!  the boys really liked it, but it was a bit too hard for them...  Play time over at 9 and off to bed for the boys.  L&I stayed up and watched 'Angels & Demons', REALLY GOOD!