091121 + Beat Michigan!

091121 + Up and everyone ready, except L. The boys and I waited and waited... Finally our princess was ready and we headed out to the toy store for the annual Christmas list making event... The boys only got lost in the store once and Lori had about 3 nerves left, so I call that a success!!! After Santa picks which things he is getting off the lists they will be posted to the right for others to view...
We then all suited up in our OSU garb and headed to the Pettit's OSU Michigan party. O ate way to much, the kids played outside and the Bicks WON!!!!

Home after the game and J&I played the Wii, L worked on her desk we pulled put of the trash and D&G watched 'The Land Before Time' movie. Got the boys their baths, they got I'm a fight, so they all had to go to bed... L&I stayed up and transfered the Christmas list to Amazon, and watched the Oregon Arizona game.

091120 - Worked all day. J went to the Dr and they think he has a hernia... Ugh, the poor boy! D home from school in a $hit mood and transfered it to the other boys and caused early bed. L& I had a quiet movie night, where she slept and I watched 3 movies and played on the laptop.