20091107 - 4th Annual OSU Football @ Winger's

20091107 - Well L & I after a lot of hard work got the house ready for our yearly football party.  We were a bit nervous this year as we are having it quit late and were afraid of the weather.  Well that worked in our favor this year as we had a record turn out of family friends and LOTS OF KIDS!!!

Just before the OSU Penn St. kick off they started showing up and it didn't stop.  All total we had 71 folks show up and for the first time the kids outnumbered the adults (Adults 35, Kids 36).  IT WAS FUN!!!  There was a flag football game, food, the OSU football game, LEGO building, food, 2 ginormous screens, crafts for the kids, and lots of food.
What party would be complete without a half time pinata?!

Everyone had a good time and enough chili, beer dogs, chips and dips they could tolerate.