091111 + Letters & Vets

091111 - Up and checking work to make sure no fires. Sat down and started reflecting on the last year and how lucky I have been to get one more year. At 8:15pm tonight it will be exactly 10 years ago we had the car accident in which I lost my right eye. I send letters to people on this day to let them know I am thinking about them and thank them for being a part of my life over the last year. Lori is always top of the list, I keep going down and the tears always flow as I remember the love and friendship given to me over the last year. I hear Lori star her PC and moments later she comes into my office to let mw know how much she still loves crazy old me. This doesn't help the tear situation but she gets me a tissue.
Soon Gma&paB are here and Jack is home from school. We all gather up and head over to Dylan's school where GpaB participates in the Veterans Day program. It was very nice and hard not to be emotional after my morning... We met Dylan & Jack's teachers, that make me feel old. Home and Nicole, Sam & Lena over. I think we are going out for dinner, but let's see how the afternoon unfolds...

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