091125 - Traffic

091125 - Up and on the pc. D&J home from school today so I am trying to work in the noise. L took them on a big walk and then they got everything ready to go. I got to a stopping point and packed up. We made a stop for gas and bright orange hinting vests so we don't get shot playing in the woods at the Farm. We got on the road by 2pm and POW! So did everyone else.

As far as you can see on both directions there are cars trying to go the same way we are... The 1 HR trip took 2 today.
Finally made it to the Farm and took a socializing walk for the dogs and they did pretty good. Worked on the dog pen for a bit while the boys played in the barn. Back up to the house for our favorite Chinese from Chinatown! Got the boys to bed in decent time and we wetched 'Four Christmases' VERY FUNNY! Now for some rest for the big day tomorrow.