091111 - More Treasures

091111 - The afternoon brought a nap for G, LEGO time for J and reading for D. Then we gathered up some small toys. Some notebooks and some water proof containers L got us and put together our very own geocaches to hide. I just need to register them on www.geocaching.com so we can hide them.
Rich showed up and we packed the cars full and headed out for dinner, with some Matt detours of course... We introduced GpaB to geocaching and he was really good at it. We found 3 out of the 4 we were looking for! I thunk he likes it. We headed to Applebee's for dinner but the fee shit line was over an hour long... So we headed over to the HomeTowne Buffet which suites the guys here in the family just fine;-). We ate as much as we could but still couldn't get our bodies to match the shapes of the veterans of the hometown buffet... I think that is a good thing???
Home and finished watched 'Kelly's Heros', an old war movie, with the boys. Getting them ready for bed I talked to D and asked him if he knew what happened to us 10 years ago. He was only 2 months old then and of course wouldn't. But it gave me a moment, quiet and alone I could share with him and let him know how happy I am to get each extra day with him. Then he went on picking out clothes for school tomorrow. I don't know if he gets it, but I hope it sinks in... I stole moment to get a huge hug from Jack and some big kisses from G. Very lucky to have these wonderful boys and L each and everyday. I love the noise they make, the laughs the cries the good times and the stessfull.
They are mine.
This is my family.