20190427 - HOME RUN

20190427 - Up but not too early and got a couple of things done at the desk before LG&I Loaded up and headed to Grove City. It had rained all night so we were greeted with a 3 hour delay when we arrived... So we went to Waffle House for a big yummy breakfast. After breakfast we made our way back to the fields where we met up with everyone and I scored the game before ours of a team made of Giants we had to play next. 

Finally game time and we got into it against the GIANTS and they hit 5 home runs to start the game... We then put G in to see if he could stop them and his 4th pitch sailed over the fence. This made him made and it was on. For the next two innings he held them to only score 1 an inning. 70 pitches later he was tired and they started hitting off of him so they pulled him to finish the game. He was only one of the 2 that hit against these guys too. Due to his efforts we only lost 15-1 (better than the 22-0 the team before us suffered) 

With very little delay game two started... it was against some of G's old friends and for a team he tried out with in the past. Frustrated from the previous beating G got up the plate, took one ball and then done something I had not seem him ever do before, he hit a home run and the place went nuts! It started off a hitting flurry that would allow the victory in only 3.5 innings. What a HIT! 

Here is a snip-it of the automated game recap from GameChanger: ...Gahanna Lions 12U Blue pulled away for good with seven runs in the second inning. In the second Grant W hit a solo homer, Owen T grounded out, scoring one run, Cade S singled on a 1-0 count, scoring one run, and Landon G drew a walk, scoring one run. 

After the game we got our soaked selves to the car and packed up and headed towards home. I made a special trip to Canes to buy the home run hitter his favorite meal. We swung by the McClain's for some pizza and chat before heading home and got ready for bed but stayed up and watched game 2 of the Blue Jackets hockey game, they won!