20190421 - Easter 2019

20190421 - Everyone up early and a pretty stressful getting to the car experience... we drove to Gma&paB's and headed to their church for Easter Service. We then all headed back to their house for a huge yummy meal. After the meal DJ, GpaB &I took a nap and G played with Sam and Lena. We chatted for a bit and then took off. Home and Lilly was outside all day, we forgot her... and she dug up a couple huge holes along the back of the house to let us know... D headed back to school and J&G helped me get the mower running with the supplies L&I got yesterday. J then helped me get the pump installed in the backyard and he headed in to get on the Xbox with G. I hung out on the back porch until L was done mowing and we headed in to watch a bit of American Idol before heading to bed.