20190420 + Vanishing Cards

20190420 + Up late, J's friends left, Boys watching cartoons, L ran out for some errands, I got some things done in the office. When L got home J drove D&G to D-bats for some hitting practice and J&I went to Planet Fitness where we did the 30 min workout. We then swung through Kroger to get fruit and nuts for me to take to work and J found L's check card in his wallet, she's going to KILL him as she has been looking for it all morning... J drove to D-bat to pick up D&G and we headed home. D&J brought the TV up and D helped me install it on the back porch and then J vanished to roam around town with his friends. D helped me push the mower up to the back porch and I worked on it making a list of parts that were needed. D&G played some wiffle ball in the backyard and L&I headed to Harbor Freight to get new tires = FAIL. We then found a TSC and went there to get the parts we needed. Discovered at TSC I didn't have my check card... Got our stuff, loaded it in the car, called Max & Erma's, they had my check card. Called pizza place and ordered dinner. Ran to Max & Erma's to get my check card and then to the pizza place to pick up dinner. Home and watched Instant Family with everyone and head dinner. Not up too late as we have an early start tomorrow.