20190413 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20190413 - Up early and the adult Scout leaders had a fire started ready for the pot. We got the pot out, added some sap and got it on the fire. I am in charge of the boiling this year as Roger just had a heart valve replaced and cousin Dale is have breathing issues. Soon the Scouts were up wandering around, then some family showed up and then friends and folks we've know for years came from all over and showed up on a glorious day. We had plenty of sap to boil and it seemed like it would never finish, but that was ok, we had great conversations, great food and the kids were no where to be seen, they were exploring and getting dirty and being outside! SPRING IS HERE!

There were walks to the Falls, tours of the Farmhouse, swinging on the rope, and tales as far as you could see. We had about 80 folks show up and it was simply a gorgeous perfect day. We ran past our time on the invitation but the syrup was to the exact line on the hydrometer it needed to be and golden-brown syrup was pulled off at just the right time and absolutely heavenly!

We got the syrup poured off into jars, rested for only a minute and then had everything cleaned up in no-time like we had done this 18 times before and knew what we were doing.

We got up to the house cleaned up and GpaW and I ran to Mr. Hero to grab some dinner. Back to the house and we ate and everyone pretty much exhausted hung out just a bit before heading to bed.