20190402 - Guilty

20190402 - Up in the am and J running late for school, forgot his phone and pc... got him to school and headed to the new building for the day. Tied off a bunch of little projects today and finishing some things up ready for the next wave. Finished the day up a bit late to line up the arrival time for my first Civil Service meeting. Of course traffic was a nightmare and I got to the meeting about 5 min late. We had the meeting in the formal council chamber and it was pretty cool. The meeting was pretty short and I got out of there in good time and headed to G's baseball game. I heard G's first at bat on GameChanger and he started the season off for himself and the team with a standup double! I got to G's game and they boys were doing pretty good. G got 1 more hit and popped out once so 2 for 3 for the day. They pulled him in to pitch after 1 out in the 4th and he pitched the rest of the game shutting them down and the boys won. Home and J being a bit of a jerk so headed into the office to work on taxes. Got done with taxes at 2am and headed to bed.