20190407 + Lots of Baseball

20190407 + Up in the am and everyone ready and we headed to Berliner for G's games. D joined us to watch the games and G loved that he was there (we all did).  Game 1 was was a good game and went quick beating the Columbus Cobras in 4 innings 9-0. About an hour later we ran into the Ohio Hitmen and it was a battle. Full 6 innings of intense baseball. G made several unbelievable plays that received cheers from both sides of the fence, Hidden ball trick, fully extended stop at 3rd to 1st and a line drive jump, catch and run to 3rd for an unassisted double play, even D was flabbergasted at his playing. His hitting needs work, but he's working on that. The boys lost to the Ohio Hitmen, but it was one of the toughest games they have played and they had a 6' tall boy pitch the entire game, 108 pitches = CRAZY for a 12 year old...  but they had to throw their best against us... We all headed home, got a couple things done and then J took off on his bike and a bit later LDG&I headed to Cane's for dinner where we met up with J and his buddies that rode their bike there. After dinner LGD&I headed to Meijer to get some things and then back home. When we got home J was there and injured, he slipped on a curb and has a huge gash by his knee... Things calmed down for the evening and D headed home. J&G got on the Xboxes and L&I relaxed and watched some American Idol until the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead. To our surprise last week was the season finale so there was no show to watch. We watched a different show and just hung out and chatted. All boys to bed and L&I watched a bit more TV before I headed to the office to get a couple of things done. Got to bed in good time, need to catch up on sleep and get ready for a busy week.