20190406 - Nice Team

20190406 - Up in the am and to the baseball fields at Berliner early with our 1st game at 9am. We played the Junior Vipers and won 10 to 3. During the break L&I headed to Subway to get some lunch and headed back for the next game at 1 where we played 5 Star Midwest. As we all know a long break between games kills our kids and they did not show up... We lost that one 14-1 in 4 innings... After the beating G&I took John and Owen home and then met up with L at the McClain's new house to help out a bit. L&Tiff were gone and Brady, Landon and G went across the street to the park, Brady & Landon thought it would be funny to have G go back and forth across the busy street looking for them a couple of times... it did NOT GO OVER WELL and G as FURIOUS...  L had my car or I would have taken him home... He pulled himself together, the other boys apologized and we stayed for a bit longer before bailing out and heading home. Home and G got cleaned up, we got J out of his room off the Xbox and then hung out for the evening getting some things done and relaxing.