20190404 - New House

20190404 - Up in the am with only 2.5 hrs sleep in me and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Pretty tired, its going to be a hard day. Managed to make it through the day and get a lot done. Headed home, swung by to pick up L and she dropped me off at Tuffy where I paid for J's car repair and then he showed up, he walked there from track practice. J drove us home and said the car was performing better. L cooked us some dinner while J&I shipped ebay stuff. We all ate and then J went up to get on the Xbox, G went to help with the local baseball community league tryouts and L&I swung past the post office on the way to the McClains where we helped them move into their new house. It is very big and very pretty. Tom dropped G off at the McClain's and he helped a bit too. Home and got everyone settled. I started working and feel asleep... Woke back up, attacked the bug and finally got it figured out at 3:30am.