20190412 - Prep Work

20190412 - L took J to school again today as I am staying home with G so L can do her parent teacher conferences. G&I headed out and swung by the post office on the way to CVS where we loaded up on supplies for the weekend. Back home and G asleep on the couch and I headed in to the office and had a couple calls and worked on things so weekend will be clear. Spent the majority of the day working on reporting and not getting done what I needed to... Finished up the day and had enough done that we were on our way by 4pm and got to the farm by 5ish. We helped with a couple jobs and then we all agreed we were as ready as we could be for tomorrow. We loaded up and all headed to Chinatown where my buddy 'Uncle Dave' met us and told the boys horrific stories of our youth hat made them laugh until they cried. It was a fantastic meal as expected and we were all full. Home and the Scouts had arrived. We went and checked on them, they are all good. J&G hung out with them for a bit, G up with me about 11pm (learned the next day J came up about 4am) not up too late so we can get up for tomorrow's activities.