20120630 - Argh!

20120630 - All up in the am and got some bfast. Then to the bus stop and to the beach. We swam and rode the waves and jumped around. It was great, and not to hot with the wind and the water.

Back to the apartment for lunch an then straight out to the pool. We first tried the lazy river and playground thing and then over to the big pool for dunking and throwing the ball and kids. Back to the room where G was supposed to take a rest, but watched tv w/ D&I as J had his face burrows in his iTouch. We ventured out for dinner and just drove quietly as J&G fell asleep... But we got to a pawn shop and they woke up. A quick browse and then on to our Pirate Adventure. It was quite a show and the boys yelled and sang along. G could barely contain himself he was so into it. It was a really good show and we were captured by the gift store on the way out...

Heading home we drove right down the main drag of Myrtle Beach. More like a parking lot. It took a LONG time to make our way through as we looked for an airsoft store...  Back to the apartment and the boys collapsed silently in there beds.